Located in the center of Oregon, Wisconsin, Lil' Buddy's Popcorn makes and sells a variety of gourmet popcorn. With flavors ranging from caramel and cheese to ranch, cookies and cream and pumpkin pie, there's sure to be something for everyone. Stop in anytime for popcorn and a genuine Vienna Chicago-style hot dog! If you're feeling ambitious, you could even try our famous Mac 'N Cheese Dog! In addition, we also sell nachos, slushies, and a variety of old-fashioned candies.

Monday - Saturday: 11am-6pm  Closed on Sundays

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Popcorn Flavors

We always have new popcorn flavors! Here are some of what we have on the shelves now: Red Velvet, Pizza Savory, Gourmet Cheesecorn, Cajun Popcorn, Sour Cream Chives, Caramel Cheesecorn, Salt & Pepper, Garlic Cheesebread, Ranch Popcorn, Cheesy Bacon, Creamy Dill, Caramel Corn, Frosted Cupcake, Lil' Buddy Mix, Hot Jalepeno, Chocolate Marble and more!

Vienna Chicago Style Hot Dogs

We value ourselves on making a great Chicago style hot dog. Poppy seed bun, 100% beef hot dog, and ingredients for a Chicago dog with the works, shipped straight in from the heart of Chicago! 'The works' includes: Poppy Seed Bun, 100% Beef Hot Dog, Dill Pickle, Tomato, Neon Green Relish, Onion, Sport Peppers, Mustard, and Celery Salt. We don't limit ourselves to just a Chicago dog with the works, we also offer: Slaw Dog, Plain Vienna Dog (2-3 Toppings of your choice), Chili Cheese Dog (Chili, Cheese, and Onions), Mac N Cheese Dog (Bun, Hot dog, Mac N Cheese, Your choice of Chili or Honey BBQ sauce, and even more cheese!)

Slush Puppies

Our Slush Puppies are a fun cool icy treat! They come in 6 delicious flavors: Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Grape, Watermelon, Lemon Lime, and Sour Shocker.
We also have other treats including Nachos, Caramel Pretzels, Salt Water Taffy, Soft Pretzels, Old-fashioned Candy, Cold Drinks, and more!

Party Favors

We Make Super Fun Party Favors for Birthdays, Wedding Receptions, and Athletic Events! Call us at 608.835.5505 to order!